Refurbished Computers

At ABC Wizards we can refurbish your computers to bring them a new lease on life.

By upgrade the ram and hard disk of your computer we can increase the speed and space available.

Our systems are all fully re-certified with a 3 months warranty that covers all parts and labour.

We also offer after sales maintenance either remote or onsite as a contract.

Our services in this area include.

Re installation of windows on your existing computers.

Upgrading the Processor of your computer

Upgrading the Memory of your Computer

Upgrading the Hard Disk storage to a bigger and/or faster drive.

What ever your existing computer challenges are we can advise and quote for your existing systems to be refurbished this is not only cost effective but environmentally friendly by increasing the life of your existing computers.

Please contact a professional refurbishment and upgrade adviser on 0207 6177354

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